Monday, October 10, 2016

Scenes (31 - 37)

31. Scissor Vixens scene going after a fan who wanted a little too much personal time with me.

32. Being a ticklish jewel theif never works out well for me.

33. Watch as I am properly worshipped.

34. Everything For Me for Assylum featuring my first water sports and cum swapping play, even some wrestling!

35. Sin Kitchen cooking up my famous Chicken Bacon Quesadillas!

36. Wet and Messy Blowjob in the bathroom after teasing and pleasing myself!

37. A great slow and sensual blowjob!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful scenes Bobbi. Just to ask you how would you feel about video work with Gambling /Lost Bet themes?
    For example and complete fiction, Bobbi plays the sexy girlfriend of a guy who just can not stop gambling playing card games for huge money. One day they attend a game where he wins 200 thousand dollars. But instead of walking away with the winnings, he puts it all down again and loses it. Then he turns to Bobbi because he wants her to put him back in the game. "I win I can get all the money back. If I lose , those guys can ride you for hours. But that will not happen. I got this". (Riighht as if everything goes to plan)
    The girlfriend agrees , puts her body up as the chip. Boyfriend seems to have a winning hand until one of his rivals pulls out a stronger hand. All the money gone. But now it comes to paying up as the gambler can only watch as his girlfriend has to "redeem" the bet with her body been the property of the victors of the game. Ooooo she is livid at the boyfriend "You said that you had this covered you &&&& ****** and such and such-hhhaa But she glances over at the winners and there is a sensual smile. Did I mention the victors are a group of ten very hungry well hung Ebony lads with huge shafts? Turns out she was eager for a gangbang upon the gambling table in front of her ex boyfriend for a while. As a way to teach him a lesson. I think you would be great at it Bobbi but it is your call no pressure either way