Thursday, February 18, 2016

Scenes (4 - 11)

I'm sure you guys have been waiting very patiently for my new scenes from Florida to come out, well here they are!

4. A Fem Dom scene you all have been waiting for, I tease and torture his cock until I decide to let him finish when I've had enough fun.

5. Here is my girl on girl debut with Kylie Quinn, she was missing home while we were in Florida so I made sure to keep her distracted with some of the skills I've been dying to try out.

6. My debut as the Money Talks host convincing local hot Florida girls to come onto the bus we rented and make some magic happen, luckily Amy Parks agreed with Rick Dangers plan.

7. Here I am an extra in Money Talks when I had to get an oil change they wanted $300 for a synthetic oil change! Instead they settled for some titty flashing and even gave me some spending money!

8. I was on punishment and just had to find a way out of the house, I was able to seduce my stepdad with my feet and get some blackmail to make sure I never get caught!

9. Getting ready to head out for the day I caught my stepbrother creeping on me! Of course I punished him with chastity and worshiping my feet. Even got him to cum with just my perfect toes!

10. UGH! I cant even get through a tutoring session so I can pass my class without you thinking with your dick and being distracted. I let you get off some steam and find out you're hiding a VERY small, puny pindick....then my fun ensues humiliating you.

11. Worship me from the proper angle, below me and worshiping my boots they need a good spit shine!