Monday, December 21, 2015

Scenes (1 - 3)


1. W3Schools

2. W3Schools

NaughtyBoy C4S



  1. Putting my doctor's hat on, this naughty patient Bobbi Dylan is a very interesting case . I urge her to be re-evaluated so Bobbi is be re-admitted to the Assylum for Immediate Extra Intensive Training. Increased emphasis on how she reacts to Gangbang situations.
    Include safewords for Bobbi. Offer her a Mixture of Causcian with BBC's maybe Asians as well. Patient is extremely horny so do not be surprised if she wants to be bound with either rope , tape or chains for the sessions. Slow introduction to start off with two three four guys. Review again after three sessions. Then up the intake of shaft to 10 maybe 15. As the patient is extremely tiightt and vigourous, special areas for probing would be Bobbi's mouth , her bum and her pussy. Steamy work Bobbi